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The art of Bordeaux winemaking


The winemaking process in Bordeaux flawlessly merges artistry with scientific precision. Every appellation is unique – from its soil types and microclimate to the people working the land – requiring a variety of approaches to viticulture, harvest and fermentation. Moreover, virtually all Bordeaux wines are blends of different grape varietals. There is a true art to the blending process which involves tasting, experimenting and adjustments until a wine’s aromatics, balance and flavour are just right.

As a VINIV member, this instinctive approach is only part of your story. Bordeaux winemaking is bound by strict rules and traditions. Châteaux owners are, for example, confined to using grapes from their own property only. But you probably didn’t get where you are by following convention. With VINIV, you can ditch parts of the unspoken rulebook and blend across appellations and across the region’s Left and Right Banks. Blending grapes from different appellations may be taboo to Bordeaux traditionalists, but VINIV winemaking is all about experimentation, flair and daring to be different.

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“I create my wines to honour and reflect the bold spirits who have graced my life with love.”

Marlar Tun

Bordeaux winemaker since 2015

Creating your own bespoke wine blend
Eric Boissenot sampling a bespoke VINIV wine




VINIV winemakers gain the kind of access to Bordeaux that usually only members of its community are afforded. You will begin your journey at VINIV’s winery located alongside Château Lynch-Bages, in the beautiful village of Bages a few minutes from the Pauillac waterfront. From here you will venture through winding lanes and wisteria to the surrounding vineyards and beyond. The entire region – its landmarks, landscapes and châteaux – will be yours to explore.

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Vineyards, Châteaux and Appellations


You will make wine using grapes from the finest old-vine vineyards Bordeaux has to offer. Some of our vineyards belong to classified growths: Château Lynch-Bages in Pauillac, Château Clinet in Pomerol and Château Dauzac are perfect examples. Other parcels belong to passionate small-scale growers whose properties sit directly alongside classified properties in Margaux, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac and Saint-Émilion. We also open the door to vineyards with extraordinary potential in emerging appellations such as Graves and Canon-Fronsac.

We carefully choose our partnerships to ensure that the grapes available to our winemakers offer contrasting characteristics, thus giving you countless options when developing your wine. You will also get the chance to meet local growers who will share their knowledge, gained from decades (and generations) of winemaking, in order to help you select the grapes that will make your wine as much of a singular character as you are.

We give you the pieces of a jigsaw. It’s up to you to create your own unique picture.

Pauillac terroir from the Bordeaux wine region
Saint-Emilion terroir from the Bordeaux wine region

“I can make my own wine one vintage at a time without having the responsibility of owning the land.”


London, England
Bordeaux winemaker since 2009

Jean-Michel and Jean-Charles Cazes from Chateau Lynch Bages




People with all levels of experience are welcome at VINIV: from rookie wine enthusiasts to oenophiles with an advanced understanding of the winemaking process. Come with a thirst for knowledge and great wine, ready to work alongside VINIV’s winemaking experts. Our team is led by is Daniel Llose, the veteran technical director at Château Lynch-Bages and all properties belonging to the Cazes family, Nicolas Labenne, head winemaker at Château Lynch-Bages and Château Ormes de Pez, and Eric Boissenot, consultant to four of the five 1855 first classified growths. This is your supporting cast; you will take the starring role. From initial planning to the final blending, all of the vital decisions in the creation of your wine are your call.

Watercolour illustration of VINIV's dog Bogarte
Tasting and blending wines with experts like Daniel Llose

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