Your adventure into wine...

Your adventure into wine


Your vintage


Bordeaux wine is renowned across the world for its finesse and complexity but only a select few can describe themselves as Bordeaux winemakers: those born into it, those willing to risk millions buying land here, and those who create their own experience with VINIV. We give you the rare opportunity to make a bespoke barrel of wine (288 bottles), using your nose, palate and imagination, at our winery adjacent to the famous Château Lynch-Bages.

Become a Bordeaux insider on a journey that starts with unparalleled access to the region’s most prestigious vineyards and celebrated winemakers, and ends with a unique vintage that is unmistakably your own. We’d say it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but who says you’ll only do it once in a lifetime?

Explore Saint Emilion and Bordeaux wine culture

“It’s like a dream to do this. If you’re a wine lover and you know a little bit about Bordeaux, it is kind of amazing to suddenly find yourself at the center of wine production.”

Duco Habbema and Job Roodnat

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bordeaux winemakers since 2012

Bespoke winemaking and branding experience Bordeaux


Your brand


Transform your wine into a work of art, inspired by the people, places, and milestones – even private jokes – that mean the most to you. Every VINIV winemaker arrives in Bordeaux with their own experience to share and future to write. So, while the wine you make will tell this story, the label you design is its front cover.

Work with our design team to come up with branding for your wine that is a vivid testament to where you have been, and where you are going. Think of the pride you’ll feel when you treat the people you love most to a glass of wine you’ve created from scratch: from choosing the grapes right up to customising its label. Your life has been rich and rewarding, now you’ll have a wine to tell the tale.

Custom Bordeaux wines boxed and branded


Your winery


The VINIV chai (winery in French) is the epicentre of your Bordeaux adventure. This is where your selected grapes are fermented and aged into wine. Tasting, blending and bottling will all take place here and you will enjoy a series of unforgettable experiences every step of the way.

Yet the winery is more than just a place where the transformation from grape to wine takes place. Shortly, it will become a clubhouse, a home away from home. A place to relax and be looked after, meet your fellow winemakers over dinners and tastings, and a place where you can entertain your family and friends. Not only that, but our climate-controlled cellar will keep bottles of each of our members’ wines on display for posterity and your consumption. This way you become as much a part of our history as we do of yours.

Citroen CV2 Illustration
Create a wine in Bordeaux with leading experts like Nicolas Labenne

“We learned everything. We created an outstanding wine. And we shared a one-of-a-kind father and son experience.”


Paris, France
Bordeaux winemaker since 2009

Make your own red wine with our Bordeaux experts
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Your community


Becoming a VINIV winemaker means far more than just creating your own wine. You will connect with a diverse selection of people – our members include CEOs, politicians, entrepreneurs - with one thing in common; a boundless passion for wine. Each one of you becomes an active player in the area’s thriving winemaking community. Châteaux and vineyard visits, harvest activities and other special events will introduce you to Bordeaux society, plus the history and innovations that make the area legendary.

Enjoying the company of the VINIV winemaking community

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